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Me in a black dress, wearing white Sandals



Welcome to my blog! I‘ve been part of the blogging world since late 2009, but 2013 was the year I plucked up the courage and started a blog and I have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. All these years later I never thought I’d still be sitting here writing on my little corner of the web.

I’ll admit that over years I’ve defiantly not be consistent and have taken more breaks than I can count, but I’ve never once given up or wanted to quit.It may take me a lot longer to reach my goals than most bloggers, but as I always say slow and steady wins the race. (Not that I see blogging as a competition or anything, I think whether you you take your time or you go fast you can still achieve your dream/goal)

So after taking yet another long break from my blog, social media and YouTube channel and having a long heard think about the future of my blog. I finally decided, last month that the only way forth for me, was to completely start over with my blog and social media. So here were on my new and improved corner on the web.

So Welcome to my site, continue reading this post to find out a more about me and my site and have a nosey around and check out the rest of my blog and social media.

Me in a black dress, wearing white Sandals

If this is the first place you’ve landed on, my blog is a lifestyle blog! I don’t like having a niche as I would find it boring just talking about the same topic over and over again, So I like talking about a wide variety topics that I love, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Life, Travel and blogging.

So if your new to blogging and considering whether to start one or not I would definitely recommend it as it will be one the best decisions you ever make. Or if you like me and  have been blogging for a while but are suck in a bit of blogging rut, don’t give up! Take a break and come back to it with fresh eyes, or if a break doesn’t help, like it didn’t for me, re-branding might be the answer.

A long side my blog I also run a YouTube channel. At this stage I mostly film my self playing sims 4, but also enjoy doing the odd vlog, haul and cooking video. Also, if you want to get more update info on what’s happening in my corner of the web check out my Instagram and Twitter

Me in a black dress, wearing white Sandals
WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Me in a black dress, wearing white Sandals

Thanks for check out my first blog post! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my new blog?

xoxo   You Me and Thee



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